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I am an almost 50 year old, married, father of one 20-something year old son. I live in Texas. I am a serial entrepreneur. Lots of failures, but enough successes to be a multi-millionaire. I did not come from money. I grew up poor to middle class. My father died of cancer a few years ago in his late sixties. He was still working full time, and he had a networth of only $150,000 at death. I did not get tons of financial advice from my Dad, but he taught me how to work hard. He could outwork anyone. And he taught me to spend less than I made… although I’m not sure he always did that. Strong work ethic can help you attain most anything though, if you put the work into the right plan.

It took me many years of entrepreneurial ups-and-downs to become financially successful. I do not necessarily recommend my path to success. It’s definitely not for everyone. It’s only in the last 3 or so years that I have started to acquire wealth. For many years I barely made enough to keep going. This blog/site was birthed from what I’ve learned about money in recent years and how I now see money and wealth much differently. I will share lessons on money and life that are not very common.

The phrase “wealth, not retirement” is something I came up with just recently. It hit me that maybe more people, especially younger people, would save and manage money differently if they looked at it as “building wealth”… not the boring concept of “saving for retirement”. When you’re 25, 65 is a looooong ways away. But “wealth” can be a goal for any age.

This blog will attempt to show you some different ways to look at money and “build wealth”. It is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It’s a “get rich slowly” scheme. It’s not about stock picking. There will be no stock tips. It’s much more common sense advice that will help YOU make YOUR OWN investment choices and build YOUR OWN wealth plan.

So, when you read these articles, just read it as a kind, loving, Dad trying to give you helpful advice. “Life is hard. It’s even harder when your stupid.” is a phrase attributed to John Wayne. Snopes says the quote was not from John Wayne. Either way, it’s a great quote. The less stupid (or ignorant) that you are, the better your choices will be. Work daily to improve your knowledge.


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